Hi, I’m Cris

I am a writer, singer, taiji student, knitter, spinner, and weaver who lives in beautiful central Pennsylvania, USA.

Thanks for reading; please feel free to leave me a comment on any article, or contact me at criscramer@gmail.com.

Why “Stitches and Words?”

Stitches. I am a knitter, and stitches are the tiny building blocks of knitting. They are the things that make up the things I knit, the tiny actions that all together add up to something wonderful. If I may state the seemingly obvious, every single stitch of a knitted piece needs to be knitted. Sequentially, one at a time, starting at the beginning and ending at the end. You can’t really reduce the process past this. You can look for faster or easier ways to make the stitches, but you have to make the stitches.

Words. Words are important to me, I enjoy using them and I’m pretty good at it. I love to find beautiful or simple or powerful ways to say things, depending what needs to be said. I love shaping the rhythm and symmetry and musical lyricism of my words, I love finding just the phrase or word that means exactly what I want to say. I swim in words; I could eat words for every meal and never get tired of them. Further, stories are built out of words, and stories are desperately important. Stories tell us truth we can’t get at in any other way.

Stitches and words. Stitches remind me that I can only live one day at a time, one moment at a time, and every moment is part of a much bigger whole. Words help me understand things, they draw me on to see the truth I live and share it with other people. They beckon me toward seeing these days as story, as things that deeply matter, and that I have a part in both the shaping and telling of.


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