Last weekend in my internet ramblings I wandered into a conversation about signs and portents, started by a good friend and wonderful lady who stumbled across something in her family history that took her aback, and about which she was wondering, is this some kind of message? Is there even such a thing as getting “messages” from the great beyond, in some fashion?

I can’t answer that question in any specific case, but in the general case, I believe very much that humans get messages from “the great beyond” — in more plain terms, God speaks and God acts, in many times and at many ways. He doesn’t always use plain language, so sometimes there are signs and cryptic messages seeded into our daily lives, things that could be very ordinary but which are suddenly not ordinary at all, things which compel our attention even if we don’t understand why.

It’s that internal attention bit that I’m thinking about, and which I gave my friend some food for thought about, because without the internal hook which grabs onto a “message” or “portent” and digs to find significance in it, whatever external thing constitutes the “message” would just go on its merry way and not mean anything in particular at all. Whether or not some external agency is trying to speak to us by sending a sign, if something really hooks our attention, then something internal is trying to speak, something inside us wants to be heard, and if we’re not paying conscious attention it will grab hold of unconscious means and keep yelling until we look at it. A message is meaningless if you can’t read it, or can’t even see it. What we really see and what attracts our attention are signs about what’s important to us, and well worth paying some attention to.

I was thinking about this later in the week while skimming through my blog reader, and so an internal thing said “A-hem” and finally pointed me at the contents of my blog reader, the sites I’ve collected over time to read because they interest me the most. Things like Jon Acuff’s blog, author of Quitter and strong advocate for chasing dreams. Things like Don Miller’s blog, author of A Million Miles in a Thousand Years and the brand-new Storyline, about to be released. The kinds of posts I bookmark are nearly always ones about how to chase something bigger or live a more meaningful life. Signs. Portents. Stuff that grabs my attention. Am I listening?


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  1. Marcy on

    ♥ While I don’t join you in believing in a diety, I absolutely agree with the rest of what you say. We need to listen.

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