The clock

I keep a small battery-powered clock on my downstairs bookshelves, where I can see them from the cozy spot I sit to read sometimes, or sometimes when I need to cry and feel some comfort.  I’m sitting and looking at it as I write this.  It’s not giving me the right time, though.  The battery in it is wearing out, and for a few days it’s been stopped at 3:50.  The second hand feebly twitches, but there isn’t enough juice to propel the larger hands around the dial.  (I’m sure I have batteries somewhere, but I keep forgetting to change this one.)

Today I feel a lot like that clock.  I know what my next steps in life need to be, but I am stuck at taking them, not enough power to propel me forward.  Perpetually hung at 3:50 in the afternoon, never getting to tea-time, never a good supper, no evening of relaxing knitting or reading, no promise of dawn and morning coolness and new, exciting things in store.

How do I change my battery?  What will it take to move me on from here?


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  1. Naomi on

    I wish I had useful advice, but I’m having a hard enough time with the same problem set in my own life.

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