I’ve been thinking about what it takes to change and the things I’d like to change, one of them the negative perspective on the world that shadows my days and sucks the joy out of many things. In order for change to happen, action needs to happen. If you don’t do something, then you take no part in shaping what you get.

I remembered a book I read a while ago, One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. She writes about her own struggle with the pain, loss, and fears of life, and how she learned to overcome them by expressing gratitude. She accepts a friend’s dare to write down one thousand gifts, one thousand things she is blessed with, and the process of writing and learning to observe and be grateful for the moments and details of her very own life are transformative.

I have such a hard time paying attention to what’s really here and happening. My mind is always running away, and too often running toward worry, finding the spiraling path down and down into frazzled fear and discontentment. It’s not a good place to be, and I’ve practiced running those trails too long. I need practice in running toward what’s good, whole, and real. I still want to have adventures. I so badly want to find joy in life.

I have a little notebook that a friend gave me a while ago, a slim, pretty little journal. I’ve started my own list of gifts, the blessings of my very own life, which I take so little note of. I need some basic training in gratitude, and here’s a place to start.


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