Pirate girls

This weekend Pig-Tail Girl and her family came up to our area to celebrate a wedding in the family. The wedding was Saturday, and yesterday was for just hanging out.

Or not. Because Pig-Tail Girl always has ideas for things to do, and yesterday she decided to run a pirate ship. I was recruited first and as such became First Mate.

We dug mightily and long for buried treasure in the gravel of my parents’ driveway. We unburied some interesting stones, but less treasure than a greedy pirate could wish for, alas.

Pig-Tail Girl’s mom was pressed into service as Second Mate, and her Grammy became Third Mate. The porch became the bow of our pirate ship, plus a goodly quantity of back yard. I think we may be the first pirates ever to operate a cruise ship.

While trying to assign duties, we realized that none of us know what mates actually do on a ship. Adjourning indoors, we consulted the internet. As it turns out, the First Mate is responsible for cargo and the deck department, the Second Mate is often responsible for navigation, and the Third Mate is generally responsible for looking after the crew. Considering who she assigned where, Pig-Tail Girl was quite wise in her staffing decisions.

The wild blue beckoned, and outdoors we trooped, resuming the search for treasure. Until the First, Second, and Third Mates realized that our Cap’n had assigned away all the ship’s duties to us, and herself had no work to do but all the treasure to claim. Thereupon we mutinied (what good is a pirate adventure without a mutiny for spice?) We grabbed our scurvy captain and threatened to make her walk the plank. As First Mate, I led the charge.

The captain retreated up the sloping cellar doors on the back of the house. I gave chase. She made daring swoops with her airy cutlass; I parried them bravely. She leaped away and grabbed up a sword of weed, a more hardy blade than our keen-edged imaginations. I found a green-stemed saber and rose to the challenge.

The matter was by no means decided when one of my cousins and her boyfriend, both visiting the area for the weekend, dropped in to say hello. We forgot our quarrel and ganged up on the newcomers, pressing them into service. Why argue about who does the work when you can shanghai landlubbers and make them do it for you?

We never did find any treasure. But we had a right grand and lively afternoon. Aye, me friends, fer certain sure we did.


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