Get to work

It’s been a bit of a weird day here. Last night I was feeling a little bit off, and fell asleep on my recliner trying to relax, and woke up at 4 am, and then couldn’t get to sleep when I went to bed because I’d slept so much already, and then I couldn’t get up this morning … when I did get up I skipped my routine stuff in favor of eating breakfast first, because it was late and I was hungry. But I ended up sitting with the book I’m reading well into the afternoon, still in pajamas, severely lacking in motivation to do anything else. That feeling stuck around for most of the afternoon.

When I was finally tired enough of sitting around to propel me into action, I did what I should have done in the first place: started at the beginning of my daily routine by taking a walk, then hopping in the shower, then doing all of the ordinary “morning” things that I had skipped (I didn’t have a second breakfast). I finally find myself at my computer and ready to do some work — late in the day, with much less time than if I had gotten here earlier, but here nonetheless. So today is giving me two important lessons, or rather two reminders about important lessons that I know, but occasionally forget:

First, stick with the daily routine. It’s here for a reason, and it really does help me feel better and get things done.

Second, it’s never too late to jump in and get to work, or to start taking care of myself, or to grab hold of whatever I’m putting off and just do it. It’s not useful to feel guilty about the delay: just get to work.


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