Making myself useful

This evening I’m catching up on some sewing.  I’ve had a pile of handwoven dishtowels pinned and ready to hem for weeks, and I haven’t gotten around to it.

I’m getting around to it today because I want to give one to my mom, and one to my aunt Elaine, who saw a picture of the fabric in progress and said it was pretty.  There’s one more, which I may keep or give to someone else; not sure who, because there’s more than one candidate and I’m not sure how to pick.  (Part of the solution there is to make more towels, which is underway but takes time.)

I’ve been putting off the sewing because I don’t have a machine to help and I don’t love sewing.  I’m doing it tonight to make myself useful.  If I get these done, then some people I love get to have something new and pretty, and I think that’s a worthy pursuit.

It’s a hard thing, when stuck in the throes of feeling useless, to remember the solution is as simple as looking around for something useful and doing it.  Even if one remembers, it can be harder still to actually go through with it.  Hemming towels is a little thing, but it counts.  Little steps matter.


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