I’ve been thinking today about stories, how important they are for us human types. Stories teach like nothing else. Stories connect us to each other, and connect us to people we will never meet in person. When our lives are the most vivid and full, they are the kind of lives full of great stories.

I like telling stories; sometimes I’m pretty good at it. I’d like to tell more stories here, because stories are fun to write and fun to read. I just don’t feel like I have a lot of stories to tell right now. Most of my stories are about me and the people I know, and it seems like I’m not making a lot of stories worth telling. Life is okay, but it’s the kind of okay that looks a lot the same from day to day, and without a lot of punch in the details. Not a lot of drama or suspense. I don’t think my life is telling much of a story right now, and when I think about that, it makes me a little sad.

Maybe it’s the wrong perspective, though. So many fairy tales have a part that goes like “the princess lived with her wicked stepmother for 10 years” or “the boy worked in the stables, unaware of his destiny, until he was 18” before the interesting stuff happens. Those bits get glossed over really fast. But, if you were living inside that story, that quick sentence might be the majority of time spent from end to end. Maybe the interesting bits all happen within a few weeks, or days, or hours. The majority of words might be spent on such a little bit of time. But the characters have to live through all of the time. Only us readers get to skip ahead.

I wonder if this patch of my life is one of those “and then years passed” phases, the ones where the growing and character-building have to happen, before the princess gets to be brave or the boy gets to have an adventure. I’d actually really like for that to be true … and I hope the interesting bits are coming along sooner rather than later. Because I want to have more stories to tell, and I want them to be good stories.


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