Funny how things have to go away in order for us to appreciate them.  Even small things.

I felt cruddy for most of today, part of which meant that I couldn’t eat without risk of being sick to my stomach.  I felt myself weak and shaky from lack of food, felt the “oh no you don’t” message from my belly when I tried to nibble, felt confused about how to fix it, from pain and weakness.  Real blarrgh territory.  It’s not nice when food is a need and an obstacle all at once (and I’m guessing most everyone reading this has had a similar blarrgh day or two).

My body is feeling better tonight, and I finally thought of something it’ll like.  Nothing fancy, just a baked potato with some cheese.  Basic, filling food, and it makes me sigh with pleasure to have it.  Tonight I have my appetite back, and eating is good.


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