On Sunday I discovered something interesting in my family: one of my cousins is married to the daughter of a person who was at one time a TV star.  It’s a familiar enough name that a good number of people would still recognize it.  (I’m not going to say who, because it feels like exploiting a connection I have no personal right to exploit.  It’s beside the point here anyway.)

It completely tickles my fancy, to think that someone I played with now and then when we were kids is now the son-in-law of someone I watched on TV when I was a kid.  It doesn’t matter in any practical or objective way, it doesn’t change my life at all — except in reminding me that the world is bigger and a little bit more magical than I usually give it credit for.  It’s the kind of fact that grins and nudges me in the ribs, saying “everything is possible, sport.  Absolutely everything.”


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