What I want

I’ve been of so many minds lately about what I want and what I chase.  It uses up so much energy, always chasing something different and never making progress in any direction.  Tonight I sat with my scribbeldy notebook and thought hard about what I really want.

I want to work with awesome people, like Coach Jose and Carolyn and everyone at the school.  Like Gilbert and everyone at church.  I want to work with awesome, encouraging, supportive, positive, intentional people.  People who care about other people and about their work.

I want to solve practical problems.  Stuff that makes life tangibly better for folks.  I want to hear on a regular basis “thank you for that, it really helped me.”

I want to keep writing and keep having things to write about.  I want more people to read what I write.

I want enough money to not be worried about money.  I want an income I can live on.  I want to support my church with money.  I want to be able to keep paying for taiji classes.  I want to be able to eat out now and then and buy books now and then and new yarn now and then.

I want to keep growing and learning.  To keep being stretched, but not stressed.

I want my employment situation to stop being a source of worry for my family.

I want a degree of respect regarding how I spend my time.  That time does not equal work, and that I will get my work done.

I want to grow into bigger responsibilities than I have held before.  I want to learn how to be decisive and always move forward toward getting good things done.

I want not to get too comfortable and lose the trust in God this hard year has forced.  I don’t want hard lessons to be for nothing.

I want to live aware of God’s presence.  I want him to be more pleased rather than less by the choices and actions I make.


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