There’s this thing

I haven’t posted anything new in nearly a month, and there’s this thing about posting whatever comes next.  Because of the long break, there’s something in me that wants the next thing I post to be really good, or really deep, or really … something, something that will explain and justify the time away.  I’ve had some ideas, but this feeling has been keeping me from exploring any of them, because I wasn’t sure any of them were the right thing to come back with.

Waiting for the right thing to write is the wrong idea.

Since the end of July, I’ve been making a point of walking every day and tracking the statistics my treadmill gives me about what I’ve done (yes, this is relevant to writing the next post).A week or so ago, I reached a new best — over 2.5 miles in less than an hour, with highest speed over 3 MPH.  I was proud of that, and when I wrote down that entry on my list I looked back over the last page of tracking data.  And I was struck by the entry five days earlier — only 15 minutes of walking, barely half a mile, if that.  A really poor day, compared to most.  The farthest thing from impressive.  I looked at that “poor” line, and then at my new best line, and knew this truth more vividly than ever before, maybe for the very first time: the poor day made the best day possible, because it maintained continuity.  Because I got on the treadmill and made that sad showing, it helped me walk the next day, keep walking the next several days, and ended with me pushing ahead farther.

It doesn’t matter right now if I have something wonderful to say.  I have something that’s good enough, and it’s more important to just say it than to wait for something better. Write the next post, keep making words happen, so on some future day when I do have something wonderful to say, I’ll be better able to do it.

So this is the crappy next post to restart momentum.  Ready?  Go.


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