Ideas-in-progress, 9/29/2011 edition

Still playing with yesterday’s ideas about beauty.  Here’s more to consider this morning:

Beauty is hard to pin down with a definition, but one thing I think is always true about it is that it carries its own internal sense of rightness, correctness, wholeness.  It doesn’t need outside approval to be considered “right.”  It simply is.

Here’s a mental exercise to play with this idea: call to mind something that you find really beautiful.  Hold that image strongly in your mind’s eye.  Really appreciate the beauty you see there.

Now, while thinking about that thing which is beautiful, try to apply this saying to it:

“That is so *wrong*.

Does that cause some mental dissonance?  Does your mind want to pull back from that statement?  Observe your reaction.  Now, with your beautiful image still in your mind’s eye, try to say this:

“That is so *right*.

Again, observe your reaction.  Try the same experiment with different images, or even better go find things that are beautiful and try it on them.

Yes?  No?  Am I right, am I wrong?  I’d love to know what you think, please leave a comment with any insights or arguments.  More musing on beauty to come…


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