Ideas-in-progress, 9/28/2011 edition

It’s funny how the mind works. During my ordinary treadmill walking/meditation/prayer time this morning, a single verse compelled me to read it and ponder it and pray about it, and led onward to one thought and another, until I reached an idea which is so compelling to me that it has consumed my entire day so far. I’m filling notebook pages about it and looking around my house to spot it in action and thinking about what it means in my life-so-far and my life-under-way.

I am so compelled by this idea that I am not going to do what I normally do, which is ponder it until I feel like I have it all in order from one end to the other and then write up a single post about it. I’m going to write the idea as it is here, still being formed, as it sits in my own mind and heart. I’m not going to explain it yet, I’m just going to say it:

God has never, ever made anything which is un-beautiful.

Beauty inherently carries its own right-ness.

The concept of “beauty” is much, much bigger than often assumed.

An alternate standard of behavior: not right vs. wrong, but beautiful vs. ugly. Choosing what to do by whether or not it is beautiful, not whether or not it is right.

I’m going to be doing a lot more thinking and writing about all of this myself, but I also know a lot of thoughtful people and I’m curious what you think. Am I brilliant or a loony? Am I missing something important? Am I wrong, all wrong? Am I just not making any sense at all? Let’s chat; write a comment, about what I’m saying or about what beauty is or means to you. Give us all some more food for thought.

More ideas-in-progress to come…


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