Jumping jacks

Time management is not my best skill right now.  There’s so much I want to do, and I fritter away so much time, and get nowhere.

Today wasn’t bad, but I slept in later than intended, and later on was rushing a little to get to my class this afternoon because I misjudged my time again, and by this evening I had managed to do a little writing, make supper and clean up the relevant dishes, but I realized too late that I hadn’t gone for a walk.  I enjoy walking after I start, and I want to keep doing it to get in better shape, but today it slipped my mind until it was nearly dark outside and I lost my chance.

I thought about my friend Michael, he of the Tiger Force, and how he fits in his workouts.  Often he mentions that time is tight, but he makes a point of working exercise into his day, a couple of minutes here, a couple more minutes there.  At the end of the day he totals everything up and posts it to the group, and is making great progress.  I thought about that, with the sun almost down, and me with no time left to walk outdoors.

My involvement with the Tiger Force group has introduced me to the names of many unfamiliar exercises, things that I haven’t the first clue what they are or how to do them.  Squats, lifts, presses, curls, flys, dips, v-ups, “supermans” … the other day someone listed “perfect” pushups in their workout, as if ordinary pushups aren’t bad enough!  I don’t think I can do any sort of pushup right now, not even the most imperfect kind.  The other reason I choose walking for fitness, besides the fact that I enjoy it, is at least I know how to do it.

So walking for today was out, and I don’t really know how to do any of the other squat-curl-thrust-press-superman-perfect-flying-dip-lift nonsense.  So what kind of options did I have left?

I decided on jumping jacks.  I’m a complete idiot at working out, but at least I know how to do a blasted jumping jack.

(If anyone ever tries to suggest to me that there’s a “perfect” version of a jumping jack, I am going to poke them in the eye, and I won’t even feel a little bit bad about it.)

I started out with twenty.  Twenty felt about right.  I still had to deal with some laundry and house chores, so the wet laundry went in the dryer, the dry stuff went upstairs to get folded and put away.  Hmm, stairs, I thought to myself.  Stairs are good exercise too.  Bonus for the stairs.

Towels got folded and put away, and I did another set of jumping jacks.  Socks and unmentionables; another set of jumping jacks.  I pottered around cleaning in the bathroom and did another set, and then went back downstairs and fetched up more clothes to put away (more stairs).  I thought about it some more, and decided to give myself credit for some incidental walking today too — walking around the kitchen to prepare and cook dinner, walking down the hill to pitch trash in the dumpster, walking around after laundry bags and baskets and back and forth to the machines, amid everything else I was doing.  It’s walking; it counts for something.  I would never have thought of it that way though, if I hadn’t decided that I was going to make a specific effort to be active today.

While the dryer finished up I worked on some taiji, silk-reeling exercises and forms practice.  I feel like I made some significant progress this week, and so taiji is really fun right now, exploring new ideas and feeling the movements begin to connect.  I did some more jumping jacks, and eventually sat down to write.  I’ll have one more trip up the stairs, with laundry, on the way to bed.  So my final fitness total for the day:

Walking several hundred steps, while doing chores;
Five up-and-down repetitions of the stairs (plus more earlier in the day);
A half hour of taiji silk-reeling and forms practice;
And 160 jumping jacks.


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  1. Lynn on

    Give yourself credit: 160 jumping jacks is a LOT. Those plus all the rest? I think that counts as a win, and I’m not just trying to be nice. I don’t think I could do 160 jumping jacks in a day; I don’t even think I want to try.

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