How to escape a funk (6/14/2011 edition)

Nine practical steps for getting out of a funk:

1. Start with some music. (Today, this white girl had to get her funk on in order to get her funk off. Musical credits for the morning’s soundtrack go to

2. Feed the body. Going hungry doesn’t do any good, even when it’s a result of simple absentmindedness.

3. Take a walk. Bonus points for doing so in glorious weather.

4. Feed the spirit with prayer and meditation.

5. Write something.

6. Be productive. Laundry and washing dishes count.

7. Do fun things. Spin beautiful fiber into yarn. Watch funny TV.

8. Spend the evening in really great taiji classes.

9. Get a writing “assignment” from martial arts teacher that provokes deep thoughtfulness for the rest of the evening. Start planning an article, and look forward to the challenge of writing it well.


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