Three things

Today included a tough counseling appointment, talking about a number of difficult things that I’ve been wrestling with lately.  My counselor asked me to do something before our next session: every day, write down three things I’m grateful for, and next time we’ll look over the lists and see what is to be seen in them.

I hadn’t thought of the exercise myself, but I agreed with her when she suggested it, because life has been overly grim lately and my spirit is turning gray under the weight of it.  Even now, in the midst of difficult things, life is not all lack and hardship.  So I need to make an effort to look for what’s good, as a way of taking care of myself.

Three things I’m grateful for tonight:

The growth that comes from hard lessons.  If life has to have crappy hard stuff in it, at least it makes me stronger to deal with it.

Evidence that I’m learning how to take better care of myself physically.  I had a wicked headache this afternoon, and realized it was because I’d forgotten to eat lunch, so the primary fix was food.  I have not always been capable of figuring this out.

Taiji classes and the community centered around my school.  “Playing” taiji this evening was good for body and spirit.  (In chinese, the verb used for taiji practice is not to “do taiji” or “perform taiji,” but to “play taiji.”  There’s several lessons in there for the thoughtful.)


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  1. Heather Chwazik on

    I’m doing that same lesson these days…….3 things every night.

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