I’m writing this post a lot later today than I intended.  I expected I would be at home pretty much all day, and then discovered mid-afternoon that I had somewhere else to be for the evening, and was therefore away for several hours.

I’m also going to have a break from writing here that I wasn’t anticipating.  When I decided at the beginning of the week that I wanted to post every day for three weeks, I wasn’t thinking about an upcoming family trip this weekend that will take me out of range for any sort of connectivity.  No internet this weekend, so no blog.  When I realized this I considered writing some posts ahead of time that I could release this weekend, but then … well.  Wednesday happened, and that plan didn’t.

I’m taking the opportunity to remind me that unexpected stuff happens, like it or not, and that plans can shift around them and everything can work out okay.  There was a time when not being able to post EVERY SINGLE DAY after I committed to doing it would have felt like an enormous failure, when the fear of not being able to carry through would have kept me from making the commitment in the first place.  Today, I know I need to come home from a weekend away and just get back to work.  A couple of missed days?  Oh well.  On we go.

I’m thinking of the principles of taiji; don’t try to anticipate, just receive what actually comes.  Water doesn’t anticipate a rock in the stream, it simply flows to the rock, divides, and then rejoins on the other side as if no interruption ever happened.  This is taiji — not just the martial art, but the larger philosophy.

Here’s me sliding around a rock in the stream; I’ll see you again on the other side.


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