What a difference a few months makes.

I write these words as April moves on toward its end, as spring struggles to come in around constant rain and gloom. The old, tired job is long gone and mostly forgotten. I have been settling in to my new identity as a writer — I may or may not ever make my living doing this work, but nonetheless I am compelled to do it, and finding a great joy in the doing. I keep praying “whatever you choose for me to do, Lord God, that’s what I choose too; please guide me where you want me to be.” I don’t really know where I’m headed yet, but on my more confident days I can say I’m more sure I’ll get there, wherever-it-is. On my less confident days I still worry and wonder if I’m really doing what I need to be doing; I expect I’ll always fight with that, no matter where I am or what I’m doing.

I’ve been writing devotional essays and posting them to a site called All of my work to date can be found here, I will put occasional updates on this blog linking to my essays there. Last week I entered the FaithWriters Writing Challenge for the first time, tomorrow I’ll find out whether or not I placed in my level (the Beginners group). I’ve received a lot of good feedback, which is already encouraging.

More to come. I feel like the next stage of my life is struggling to come in, just as spring has been; sometimes I get tired of waiting on it, and need to remember that motion is inevitable, whether or not I can sense it in the moment. I’m learning how to be patient, and also how to make decisions and keep walking — lessons I badly need, whether or not I like living with them. Onward.


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