Remembering the fun

After yesterday’s post of doom and direness, several friends and family encouraged me to take today off from facing the hard stuff and make a point of doing the fun stuff instead (including my brother Darryl and my other brother Darryl, which tickled my fancy … neither of them is actually named Darryl, but from the way they claimed their comments on that post, they could almost qualify. I laughed a lot over that. My brothers are awesome.)

So today I’m trying to not worry, and to do the fun stuff, and just to remember the fun stuff. Something I haven’t talked about on this blog before is that once upon a time I wrote some fanfiction, stories based in the greater Star Wars universe. I was involved with a group of friends for a while who did a lot of fanfic writing, caught the bug from them, and wrote some stories too. The only friend I have left from that time is my dear friend Sue, who I consider more of an adoptive sister at this stage than a friend. Once upon a time we had enormous fun making up stories, writing both separately and together. One of us would scratch out a paragraph’s worth of something and email it to the other, the other would add something on and send it back to the originator, and back and forth we’d go, impatiently waiting for the next installment, giggling gleefully over it when it came, and then plotting the next twist to lob back. Huge fun, that was.

I haven’t given much thought to them for a long time, but some of our work is still posted on My stories are here, and Sue’s are here (sadly I don’t think any of the joint creations are included on either side). I was reminded of them recently when Sue asked me for the file on an incomplete story, one of the last things we worked on together and for some reason never quite finished. She was missing the file with the complete text, and so I dug it up and sent it to her. While I was at it, I read it again myself. There’s a lot of rough edges that could be polished up, but it’s still a fun read, and fun to remember the days and years when we used to throw stories at each other.

It’s been a long time since I’ve written any sort of fiction, or thought about it much. Right now I’m working on non-fiction, which is a different kind of fun and has a different kind of value. Nonetheless, I think the best things I’ve written in this space are stories, just born out of my own life and experiences rather than my imagination. As my life keeps lobbing new twists at me, I want to keep writing about them here, for myself and for the people who may need to read them, who need to learn something or to be encouraged or to see a new way of thinking about things. That’s the really fun part. Writing is communicating, that’s both the fun of it and the need of it, the responsibility of it, and that’s what I’m thinking about right now. I don’t know yet if I can make money doing this work, but I need to keep communicating, keep honing this art, keep trying to say worthwhile things. By fiction or non-fiction, by stories that happen a long time ago in a galaxy far away, or in my own house, my own family, my own heart and mind.


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