A post of many things

I don’t have a big complicated thought to write an essay about today.  I’ve also got limited time, so that sort of essay simply isn’t going to happen. Instead, I will write smaller thoughts about many things.  Here we go.


I missed writing my post yesterday, I didn’t put anything on the blog at all. It was a fairly busy day, and so I could potentially say “I didn’t have time to do it,” but I’m not going to say that.  I’m going to say I didn’t make time to do it, when I could have.  So it is.


Technically, this constitutes a failure of my intention to post every day for the rest of February.  February 20 happened without a post happening.  There have been times when I would feel really bad about this and be very hard on myself.  Today, I just feel more determined to pick up and keep going, by absolutely making a point of writing something today, whether or not it looks like what I usually write.  I perceive this determination as a good thing.

Also Yesterday

One of the things I did yesterday instead of writing a blog post was volunteer for the first time at my new church, Exponential Church.tv.  I have some past experience with on the backstage/technical end of church services, so I asked if I could help and maybe learn some things about their systems and how they make a Sunday experience happen.  It was fun, I did indeed learn some things, I got to run their slides/projection for the morning (the easiest of the tech jobs available, and the one that I’ve got some practical experience at), and I’m hoping to be able to learn and do more.  They’ve got a stellar team, which makes it even more fun to be a part of.

Also Also Yesterday

Before I sound too altruistic and crap, I also spent some time in the early afternoon vegging out and watching TV.  That’s the time I could have used to write.  What can I say, I got up at 5:00am and I’m not used to that; boo-hoo, pity me. Okay, all done? Onward.


This morning I had a phone conversation with a possible employer about a possible writing job.  So far, so good.  I’m supposed to get back to her about whether I seriously want to pursue this gig further, based on the information I got today; I’m thinking it over, but so far I think I do.


I need to remind myself not to start counting them, in regards to new possible opportunities that haven’t properly hatched yet.  I also need to remind myself that if I am interested in pursuing a freelance writing career, I need to seriously start working at it — if only working at figuring out what kind of work it would take to really do it.  There’s a lot of open questions that I don’t have answers for yet.


Mine are awesome, I just wanted to say.  My older brother called me to check how the writing-gig-conversation went, and gave me some good advice about how to think about it, and how to both think about and pursue going forward in a practical way.  I’ve got a lot of people supporting me and I appreciate all of them so much; today I’m calling out Mike, because he’s been one of the best and a huge help to me in navigating these new waters.  Thanks, bro.  It means the world to me.


Oy.  I spent a good chunk of morning trying to get mine working again.  It hasn’t been hooked up in a good while, and now it doesn’t want to print in black and white (color printing seems to be fine, but I mostly need black and white).  I’m hoping a new black ink cartridge will do the trick.  

Fighting with hardware is seriously not my forte, I have very little patience for it.  I can go from calm to screaming fury in about 9.7 seconds.  This is an area I know I need to work on; for today, I’m happy that I got the printer hooked up and tested it out and didn’t want to yell or throw things even once. Despite the fact that it’s not properly working yet.


Is finishing off beef stew that I made last week.  Tasty, tasty stew.


Uhhh … finish lunch?

No Really, Next?

Toss myself at the rest of my day.  I have a counseling appointment late afternoon, then taiji classes following, and need to shop for both an ink cartridge and groceries in the midst of that somewhere.  There’s a possibility of unhelpful weather, which I hope will just shove off. We’ve got the idea already, thanks. No need to send more snow and ice.


For reading.  It’s so much more fun to write things here when I imagine people reading along, or when I hear from people who do.  It helps me be a better writer, and that’s a real gift.  Thank you!


5 comments so far

  1. Jenadina on

    Good for you for getting back on the horse. I struggle with that too…it’s the downside of perfectionism.

  2. Suebert on

    Mike. Meh. *big grin*

    • brother on

      Sue, why do you seem surprised by that?

      • Suebert on

        Surprised? No. Just being dismissive of brothers in general (including my own :D)

  3. Lynn on

    The part where you say, “Okay, all done? Onward”? THAT’S the important lesson. THAT’S why you didn’t blog yesterday; you had to give yourself the opportunity to practice continuing despite very minor obstacles.

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