I could not get out of bed this morning.

Finally crawled out at about 9:30, after alternately dozing and staring at my ceiling for at least an hour.  Made tea.  Wandered onto the internet, to check my email, Ravelry, Facebook.  Sat much longer than it took to drink my tea, wandering around online; feeling vaguely guilty because I’ve got things to do today, and I wasn’t hopping to.

I could scarcely be bothered to get breakfast.  Finally ate some toast with cheese and called it good.

I sat down with my Bible, a notebook, and a pen to do some reading, writing, thinking, praying.  Only realized I had nodded off when I woke up, most of an hour later (I did do some reading, writing, and praying first, but I intended to do more).

What on earth is wrong with me today?  This is not what I had planned on. I’ve got things to do, why am I such a lazypants?

While I was still tucked in on the couch, in reading/thinking/praying mode, my mind wandered back over yesterday, maybe with some guidance from outside of myself.  I finally realized what yesterday was:

— Woke up at 7:00, picked up my iPad and started making the ordinary internet-rounds.  Wrote some emails and Ravelry posts before I actually got out of bed, including some that needed serious thought.

— Continued writing email and posting over breakfast, and for the couple of hours I had in the morning before I needed to leave the house.

— Quickly got showered and dressed, and went to my massage therapy appointment.  During which I was practicing some meditative techniques, getting my mind to be still (which doesn’t come naturally, believe me).  So it was relaxing time, but not entirely restful; I was still concentrating to a fair degree.

— Off to a cafe to eat lunch, during which I continued checking online, writing Ravelry posts and yesterday’s post for the blog.  A couple of hours there passed very quickly while I was thus engaged.

— Went to my counselor’s office, for an hour-plus of intensive talking, thinking, and searching my emotions.

— Drove across town to my martial arts school for a couple hours’ worth of taiji classes.  Concentrated physical and mental work.

— Afterwards I spent half an hour giving a friend there a tour of my Kindle and iPad, because she’s thinking of investing in an e-book reader and wanted to see what they were like.

— When I left the school, while I was in the range of good 3G connection, I used the iPad to check in one last time online, so I wouldn’t need to wait on the slower connection I get at home.  I ended up spending nearly another hour and a half online, answering messages from earlier in the day, looking up the RSS feed URL for my blog, and other random things I wasn’t anticipating.  The time got away from me again; when I noticed it was after 10:30 and I was sitting in my car typing on my iPad like a loony, I yelped and finally drove home.

— Arrived home after 11:00.  Snacked on a bowl of cereal, watched a little TV, and finally went to bed around midnight.

That was my day.  It was full of good things, stuff I needed to do and stuff I enjoy, and I didn’t really even notice being tired until the very end of it.  But then I didn’t understand this morning why I was tired and couldn’t get moving.  In a manner of speaking, I worked a 15 1/2 hour day yesterday; I was thinking and writing and engaging with people for nearly all of that time.  And I sort of didn’t even notice that I did it.  I was intending to get right back up and do the same thing today, just with less people-interaction.

I’ve got a couple of observations from all this that I needed to make, and which are probably worthy of writing about.  Please excuse me for now, though; I’ll be on the couch with the TV remote, avoiding anything that smacks of being useful for the rest of the afternoon.  I need a break!


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  1. Lab Cat on

    I did something similar on Sunday – Saturday had been very busy and so I obviously needed Sunday off.

    I hope your energy levels back to normal soon.

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