There’s a task I’ve been dragging my feet on for a while: writing my resume. I haven’t had need of such a thing in a long time, and any version I used to have would be, not only laughably out of date, but possibly in a format I can’t even access anymore, from many years and several computers ago. I’ve got to start over from scratch, and have seriously not been looking forward to it.

Yesterday evening my ordinary Tuesday choir rehearsal was cancelled because of snow. An unfortunate thing, because it means I don’t get to sing with the choir and see my friends there for another week; but it was also a gift of time, an extra evening free this week. Driving home through the snow, I knew that it was time to make a start on the resume, time to stop avoiding and start moving. Like it or not. I don’t need to like it, I just need to do it.

Resumes and CVs are scary documents for a lot of people, I think. They seem to have this inordinate power over one’s future, over one’s position and livelihood and what one will be able to accomplish in life. Get this wrong, and maybe everything will go wrong. Maybe you’ll never have a good job again. Maybe nobody will ever want you. Maybe you’re doomed.

To hell with that. For one thing, everything that I’m reading about searching for new jobs says that the resume is only one tool, and one of specific, limited value: not unimportant, but not everything, and not paramount. For another thing, my future depends on me, and this document is mine, it’s about who I am and what I have done and what I intend to go toward in the future. It’s my tool, not my judge.

So as I was creeping along with traffic on the snow-covered highways, I decided that I would start tonight, and choose to start with energy and life rather than dread. I ordered in food for supper so I wouldn’t have to fuss with cooking; something tasty and not entirely healthy, just because I can. I put on some of my favorite music, stuff with a lively beat, and danced around my living room for a while, because it’s silly and fun and to get my energy up, and then I sat down and wrote about my accomplishments, things I’ve successfully done in my job, things that I’m involved with outside, things to be proud of. Neither too modest nor too flattering, just claiming honestly what I’ve done. A celebration of a decade of solid work.

I’m not done yet. I have a handwritten list in a notebook that will need to be considered and polished and typed into proper form so it can be printed on command. There’s more work to do, but I’m content with this: I started, and I didn’t start in fear, but by choice and with positive energy. I started in hope and with life. That’s something else to celebrate.


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  1. LabCat on

    I am in process of updating mine too, so I can relate. I will have to try the happy music next time. That is a good idea.

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