What a difference a little snow makes. My part of the world finally got some proper snow at the end of last week. Not much, just a couple of inches, but the temperature dropped and those inches are still hanging around. This is not the first cold spell we’ve had, but it’s the first time that the ground has been white.

Winter tends to be really inconsistent here. Sometimes the season is fairly mild overall, sometimes it’s very cold and harsh; sometimes we have piles of snow, sometimes we have barely any at all. Sometimes we have no snow at all until February or March, and then we’ll get a couple of feet all at once. Sometimes it’s all ice and freezing rain rather than snow. There’s no telling what we’ll have until it comes.

I’ll confess that my old-and-tired-acting self most often thinks of snowstorms as a nuisance, something that gets in the way as all of us grown-up sorts try to navigate them in the course of daily life. But today I appreciate snow; I appreciate the newness of it, the contrast it brings to the world. Winter without snow is all brown, brown, brown. Brown trees, brown grass, brown leafless flowerless colorless everything. White breaks up the sameness of it all, sends everything into higher relief than would otherwise be. The trees look warm in comparison to snow-covered ground, warm and alive, stoic and calm in bare winter repose. Dry grass is covered over to sleep away the cold months. Snow gives the world a different shape; things that are usually revealed become hidden, things that are most often hidden may be revealed. This morning I had an errand that took me across country in a different direction than usual, across the hills of my home area; snow on those hills reveals so much more detail of their shape than ever their summer-green cloak allows.

Today I really appreciate snow, I appreciate the change in perspective that it is giving me. The world shows me a different face, and it helps me to see with different eyes, opened eyes. That’s worth a little cold outside.


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  1. Naomi on

    Sounds like your neighborhood needs more evergreens. I was especially glad of the snow on Saturday, since I got to see my old (prettier, more plant-iful) neighborhood with a snow cover.

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