“Never seen a bluer sky
I can feel it reaching out, moving closer
There’s something ’bout blue…”

— Yoko Kanno, “Blue”
from the Cowboy Bebop soundtracks

If I say that today was a blue day, all of you will immediately misunderstand me.  Today was quite blue, but in no respects was it sad, gloomy, or unfortunate.

I quite like the color blue — most of the colors of blue, in fact, and furthermore the entire “cool” side of the color wheel, where blue resides.  Blues and purples, blue-toned reds and greens are the colors that draw me over and over, the deeper and more complex, the better.  Sharp, vivid orange and yellow are fine accents, warm shades can be nice for a change, but it’s the cool colors that I love most.  I won’t say that blue is my absolute favorite color, but it is definitely at the heart of my happy-color-range.

Fall weather has finally settled in to this part of the world, I’ve been waiting impatiently for cool weather.  Temperatures have fallen dramatically, we’ve had plenty of fresh breezes pass through, and the summer haze has disappeared.  The world is clear and bright again; it’s like the sky has woken up, alert and lively, now the oppressive humid murk is gone.  Summer’s bright greens are fading, but the sky shades all the world in cool blue, these early fall days before the leaves turn.

Today held a classic fall sky, all sturm und drang, alternating clear blue with enormous, glorious clouds, stern rather than stormy, sailing fast and high on a stiff breeze.  Huge cloud banks would cover the sun, all gray and dark through the vast middle, breaking into bright, fierce white at the wind-torn edges.  And past those brilliant cloud borders, far up in the peak of the sky, blue becomes something singular in my eyes — there is a quality of color and intensity in the cloud-breaks that arrests my attention, that I can barely put words to — it’s like the ordinary mundane world splits open for a moment, and I remember I am looking up into everywhere, out into the grandness and glory of everything that is.  Not merely into space, but into reality.  Even more than a clear starry sky, these peeks of profound blue make me feel this.

Before I ever left my house or spotted a dramatic sky, my day was already shading blue.  While it’s still early fall and fairly warm, hence the very end of skirt-and-sandal weather, I pulled out one of my newest outfits, a heathered sky-blue shirt topping a gorgeous silken wrap skirt, made from vintage sari fabric, in the most vivid deep royal blue I can imagine.  The outer layer is a crushed-silk fabric printed with white and yellow in flowers and geometric patterns that remind me of embroidery, with a texture that both looks and feels velvety soft and indulgent; the longer underlayer is plain blue, but a satiny, shiny texture that sets off the patterned fabric brilliantly.  It is one of the most beautiful articles of clothing I have ever owned, and while I still have nice enough days, I want to wear it and enjoy the feel of it and how I feel in it, beautiful and graceful.  Not so long ago, I would have been very self-conscious wearing this skirt, but now I’m grateful and happy to have the chance, and I don’t mind being seen, because it is a lovely thing and should be appreciated.  I’ll miss wearing this skirt when we shift over to slacks-and-socks weather, and I will love pulling it out again next spring, when the sun comes back and winter’s gray skies come back alive in blue.

I know fall’s canonical colors are red, russet, and yellow, but their time hasn’t come yet.  Early fall to me is blue, and today I’m reveling in it.


3 comments so far

  1. Aubrey on

    Dearling – I am a blue person, too – I’ve never been able to express it like you did… So perfectly!! Thanks!! (We have a couple more weeks to get to there, weatherwise, and I am SO looking forward to it!)
    Hugs, Aubrey

  2. Naomi on

    That was lovely.

  3. Barbara on

    I came back and reread your post and it gives me such a lift in my heart. I sometimes have those days that are so beautiful that it seems to much to take in and absorb. You build such wonderful pictures with your words.

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